Any bathroom you step into will be filled with a bevy of items and accessories, from toothbrushes, to soaps, to shampoos, to towels, and much, much more.

A vanity is used in the bathroom to keep your bevy of items & accessories organized and out of sight in an elegant way.

Types of Bathroom Vanities:


  • Vanities which stand by themselves under sinks
  • Very large storage compartments for accessories
  • Stocked with several drawers & doors

Wall Mounted:

  • Attach directly to bathroom walls
  • Mounted so that space remains below them
  • Contains more storage space; accommodates trash cans and other small items 

Vanity Cabinet:

  • Narrow vanities which take up minimal amounts of space
  • Stands directly underneath the sink
  • Provides support & storage space

Types of Materials:

Particle Board:

Can be covered in a number of exterior linings, giving it a great deal of variation in aesthetic.

  • Affordable Material


Can also be covered with a variety of different exterior linings for a nice variation & aesthetic.

  • Much more durable than Particle Board
  • Resistant to water and general wear & tear


Hardwood is considered the most prestigious of all bathroom vanity materials. 

  • Classic & Elegant aesthetic
  • Exceptionally Durable Material